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About Us


Our Mission is to empower and inspire young learners to excel in Mathematics and Coding.

Our expertly designed courses are aligned to the Ontario Math curriculum, support students in developing and enhancing superb Mathematical skills, and have coding as an integral component.


Our staff are highly skilled and specially trained Ontario Certified Teachers, and industry experts with a wide range of experience in specialized and regional programs, as well as in special and gifted education.

We currently offer classes and programs in various locations throughout Oakville.


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Why Us
In the Classroom

The Benefits of taking courses with us.

Math and Coding are integrated in every course

Balance of Problem Solving,  Real world application, Math facts & Operational Skills

Intentional Programming to support positive attitudes to Mathematics and well-being in the learning environment

Ontario Certified Teachers

 Supports students in meeting and exceeding grade level expectations

Our Programs

Our Programs





We provide integrated Math and Coding programs for students in Kindergarten - Grade 8.   

Our holistic approach to learning:

  • Includes the development of a personalized learner profile so learning is tailored to the individual needs of the student

  • Incorporates ongoing personalized assessments to identify and close gaps in Mathematical Understandings

  • Offers comprehensive instruction that develops and enhances Operational skills, Problem-solving abilities, Mathematical fluency, Innovation and Coding skills.

  • Inspires a love of learning and supports Positive attitudes to Mathematics and Coding

  • Results in Improvement & Enrichment in student learning, Mathematical rigor, confidence and skills

  • Includes learning blocks of up to 60 minutes which provides ample time for us to help your child develop strong conceptual understandings in Mathematics and Coding.

  • Supports the Ontario Math Curriculum by closing gaps and providing further enrichment

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Below is a sample course description. This will vary slightly depending on grade level of child


  • Learn age/grade appropriate coding using robots, and/or web-based coding programs 

  • Participate in essential prep of Math skills based on grade level needs outlined in personalized assessment & the Ontario Math Curriculum

  • Solve problems and create computational representations of Mathematical situations by writing and executing different types of code

  • Develop and enhance operational Math skills

  • Develop and enhance positive attitudes to Mathematics and Coding

  • Build relationships with peers, and learn strategies on how to communicate ideas effectively

  • Test out different approaches and learn from mistakes as part of the learning process

  • Increase grades, confidence and resilience while participating in instruction that focuses on developing operational skills, problem-solving abilities, and mathematical fluency, as well as innovation and coding skills​

All courses are led by specially trained, highly skilled Ontario Certified Teachers. Connect with us today to learn more!

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