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What is Coding?

What is coding?

Imagine you're building a tower with a set of books. To build this tower, you may want to know how many books you have, where to put each book, and maybe even how many books high, wide or deep you want your tower to be. 

Now, imagine you had a genie who could build a tower for you, precisely how you want it to be, every single time? In order to do that, you need to tell your genie clearly what to do. This is where coding comes in. Coding is like telling your genie "Put one book here, now put two books there, then three books on top, etc.

In other words, coding is about giving instructions to devices in a language they understand. It's like writing an essay or a recipe - you need to make sure your instructions are clear, logical, and will lead to the desired result.

Benefits of Math and Codig Instruction

Why should children learn Math and Coding in an integrated way?

  • Enhances Problem-Solving Skills:  Both math and coding involve identifying problems and finding logical solutions. As students practice these skills, they become better problem solvers, in Math, Coding, and in Life.

  • Encourages Logical Thinking: Coding, like math, requires a step-by-step approach to solve problems. This encourages students to think logically and systematically.

  • Understanding Abstract Concepts: Coding can make abstract math concepts more concrete and understandable. For example, a coding project can visually demonstrate concepts like geometry or fractions, making them easier to grasp. In fact, the Ontario Math Curriculum now includes coding in each grade.

  • Boosts Creativity: Coding encourages creative thinking as students have to think out of the box to solve coding challenges. Similarly, Math stimulates creativity as students may need to find different ways to reach a solution.

  • Real-world Applications: Math is used in coding in many ways, such as in algorithms or data analysis. Hence, learning them together can show students the real-world applications of what they're learning.

  • Career Opportunities: Many future jobs will require both math and coding skills. Starting early can give students a head start in these fields.  

At what age can children start Coding Instruction?

It's never too early to start! Coding can be introduced as early as kindergarten using age-appropriate tools and games that teach basic concepts like sequencing and logic. 
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